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Andrea Vitello

"Amazing, Andrea Vitello, in the conduction the ensemble. Not an approximation, an oversight, a lack of tension. Everything at the point in which it has to be, even in the dizziest passages."

Dino Villatico, Dionysos

 “Excellent CD, very interesting interpretation of Schoenberg (a one must have, we dare to say"

Gabriele Moroni, Musica Magazine

 “…grabs the listener and keep him stuck to aural processes so materic and physical, even visceral and immodest" 

Gregorio Moppi, Repubblica

an ensemble well leaded by Andrea Vitello

Ettore Napoli, Amadeus

“A thrilling pairing of two modern works.”

Lisa MacKinney, Limelight Magazine

 “die Musiker des Ensemble Bios bewältigen ihren Part mit großem klanglichen Raffinement und virtuoser Brillanz”

Guido Krawinkel, Klassik Heute

 “Positive Endrueke hinterllaesst das Ensemble Bios”

Gerhard Anders, Das Orchester


With words such as these the critic acclaims the recording debut of Andrea Vitello, Italian musician moved to conducting after his experience as a composer (debut at Dal Verme Theatre in Milan, perfomances at International festivals such as Musica Viva in Belem, Portugal, Bulgarian Choir Union in Sofia, Bulgary etc.).

Andrea Vitello cooperates with institutions such as Budapest Symphony Orchestra MAV, Koszalin Philarmonic,  Korea Soloists Orchestra, Thessaloniki Symphony Orchestra, Antonio Vivaldi Orchestra in Como, Bellagio and Como Lake Festival Orchestra, Artes National Orchestra and ensembles such as Argento (New York), Divertimento Ensemble, l'Arsenale etc.

A sensitive interpreter of the contemporary repertoire, he conducted many premieres both with orchestra and ensemble by composers such as Tristan Murail, Andrea Portera, Oliver Schneller and of many young composers as well.